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    Mission Statement

As an important amenity to our community, we welcome our loyal customers into our 'home', and we cherish the time they spend with us. Kedron Dells golf facility is dedicated to provide a quality golf course and banquet hall facility at affordable cost.

To meet this commitment we will Strive to meet the principles of CANI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement). Be ever mindful of following the Golden Rule in all facets of our business and personal relationships.

Operate the course as stewards of the environment, always using methods and principles that protect our 155 acres of green space. 


Vision Statement

To create a sense of family with our staff, to deliver exceptional experiences for our guests and to
continually improve our products and services while celebrating our valued history.

Kedron Dells Core Values

Kedron Dells is committed to providing a quality, friendly golf course, respectful of the environment and available to the golfing community at large at affordable cost.
At Kedron we act, promote and live the belief that we are welcoming guests into our home! In that regard we promote the following family values;


Doing the right thing for all involved everyday


Providing the highest quality in all we do for guests and staff


Being a model citizen inside the Club and in the community


To guests, employees and our family tradition