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    Course Overview & Tour

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Kedron Dells golf facility is dedicated to provide a quality golf course and Events Facility at affordable cost. To meet this commitment we will strive to meet the principles of CANI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement).

Be ever mindful of following the Golden Rule in all facets of our business and personal relationships. Operate the course as stewards of the environment, always using methods and principles that protect our 155 acres of green space.

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  • Hole #1

    Par 5

    The longest hole at KDGC is a fitting introduction to the character of the course. The flat and wide fairway requires two well-hit wood shots to get within short proximity of the green. Beware of Out of Bounds along the entire left side.

  • Hole #2

    Par 4

    This par is not overly long but requires accuracy to avoid Out of Bounds along the entire left side, as well as ponds and bunkers on the right side. The relatively flat green is receptive to your Birdie putt.

  • Hole #3

    Par 4 (5)

    A long par 4, especially into a prevailing north wind, this hole favours an approach from the left side, whereas the right side is guarded by a stand of cedars to the back of the green. Severe slopes to the putting surface will test your putting skills.

  • Hole #4

    Par 4 (5)

    The #1 handicap hole on the course and one of the most difficult in the region. Accuracy and length are required off the tee to reach a landing area, which widens to the green. Use a fairway wood or long iron to reach the green.

  • Hole #5

    Par 3

    This long par 3 requires length and accuracy off the tee to avoid greenside bunkers and ponds in front. A stray shot left will require a delicate second shot to hold the narrow green, which slopes from back to front and left to right.

  • Hole #6

    Par 5

    This hole is lined on either side, tee to green, by trees. Two straight and long wood shots are required to bring the green into easy access. The green is large and slopes front to back, so putts above the hole will be difficult. A good Birdie hole.

  • Hole #7

    Par 4

    This short par 4 rewards a straight but not overly long tee shot. Try a 4-wood or equivalent off the tee to gain the centre of the fairway. Shots sprayed off the tee will require blind shots over the creek and bring Bogie or higher into play.

  • Hole #8

    Par 3

    A short par 3 featuring a narrow, undulating green nestled between a steep, rough covered bank on the left and a stand of cedars next to the Oshawa Creek on the right. A tee shot with a #6 to #8 iron must be hit firmly and straight.

  • Hole #9

    Par 4

    The drive over the creek will be straight away and uphill. Avoid a wayward second shot to the left as the wooded terrain slopes sharply to the tenth fairway. The second shot with a short iron will reach the elevated green, which slopes back to front.

  • Hole #10

    Par 4

    From the hilltop tee, this KDGC signature hole doglegs to the left with the creek traversing at 230 yards. Most players will lay up with a long iron or equivalent for a 175-yard approach. A bunker on the left and a bank behind protect the green.

  • Hole #11

    Par 5

    From the tee, golfers contend with Out of Bounds to the left and trees on the right. The sharp elevation in the fairway, at 175 yards, will reduce length off the tee. A fairway wood on the second shot will reach a bowl area leaving a short iron to the green.

  • Hole #12

    Par 3

    Wind will influence club selection. The green is relatively flat with bunkers left and right. Guard against wayward shots to the left side, which will carry down the steep bank of #13 fairway to the #17 fairway below.

  • Hole #13

    Par 4 (5)

    The tee shot is critical. The right side slopes drastically to the valley below, so favour the left centre of the fairway. The second shot, blind to a green below, will be a three or four iron or fairway wood. Line up shot with fairway marker.

  • Hole #14

    Par 3 (4)

    This spectacular and difficult par 3 is highly rated in the Durham Region. The tee shot must avoid Out of Bounds along the left and the bank of trees shaping the right. Traps at the green add further challenges. The green will reward good putting.

  • Hole #15

    Par 4

    The risk taker will hit a wood off the tee, cutting the corner over the trees and part of the creek valley on the right side, landing on the fairway short of the green. Conservative players will hit a straight #5 or #6 iron down the narrow fairway.

  • Hole #16

    Par 4

    This short par 4, doglegs to the right, obscuring a troublesome pond, which lurks right of the green behind the woods. Fade your tee shot to the centre right, giving short iron access to an undulating green with severe breaks.

  • Hole #17

    Par 5

    This picturesque and demanding par 5 has been recognized as one of the top holes in the Greater Toronto Area. The second shot, with fairway wood or long iron, will target a lower landing area within short iron range of the elevated green on the far side of the creek.

  • Hole #18

    Par 3

    This short par 3 was designed to assuage egos that have been deflated by the vagaries, capriciousness and challenges of the preceding eight holes. The large green, which is well guarded by traps, conifers and Out of Bounds on the left side, slopes front to back.