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    Tournament Rules/Guidelines

Tournament Conveners & Participants your passport to a Successful Tournament at Kedron Dells Golf Course - Oshawa, Ontario

All Tournaments held at KDGC are evaluated after the golf season is over. Successful golf tournaments provide the opportunity to rebook your golf tournament at KDGC. Poorly organized and poorly conducted tournaments have the opposite effect – the tournament will probably receive an unsatisfactory rating which means that it cannot rebook. It is therefore mutually beneficial for KDGC and the tournament convener(s) to work closely together to obtain a successful result. Adherence to these pointers will assure a successful golf tournament. It is important that this information be distributed to all players participating in the tournament.

Kedron Dells Golf Club – Alcohol Policy

  • KDGC is fully licensed with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to serve alcohol in the Clubhouse & Patio and on the golf course via the Hospitality Cart.
  • The participants in the tournament are specifically cautioned not to bring alcoholic beverages onto the golf course premises, as this is a direct violation of the AGCO permit held by the club.
  • Participants in possession of alcohol by means other than through KDGC Servers will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion from the Golf Course.
  • KDGC Alcohol Policy will be strictly enforced by KDGC Starters, Marshals, Servers and Staff.
  • KDGC reserves the right to inspect all coolers and golf bags if deemed necessary.


Kedron Dells Golf Club – Rules

  1. KDGC has a reasonable dress code that does not permit cut off jeans, tank tops and gym shorts. 
  2. Any conduct violations including foul play and vulgar language, golf car abuse, damage to course and property and ignorance of liquor laws will result in expulsion from the course without refund.
  3. Groups must be ready at the first tee at least 15 minutes before their allotted time. This will give the Starter flexibility in keeping the tournament on time.
  4. Pace of Play - The tournament must maintain the pace of play, which is a maximum of 4.5 hours per round. Pace of Play requirements per hole are tabled on the scorecard to assist in meeting this goal for elapsed time on the course.
  5. In meeting the target for pace of play the following factors are key:
    • Use the scramble format for recreational tournaments where the calibre of golf comprises both experienced and casual/novice golfers.
    • KDGC provides you with the scramble format rules in your tournament package. Make sure each player is given a copy of these rules.
    • Structure teams to include at least one experienced/low handicap golfer. Do not assign foursomes having only high handicap/casual golfers. This leads to slow play, backups and bottlenecks, which cannot be tolerated. Note: maximum strokes per hole: 1) Scramble Format – 2 over Par – i.e. Par 4, maximum strokes = 6. 2) Individual Stroke Play - Double Par – i.e. Par 4, maximum strokes = 8. Af t e r total reached, pick up and proceed to the next tee.
    • Use tees best suited for the average calibre of your players. The white tees are recommended for above average players, grey tees for average players and red tees are recommended for casual/novice calibre golfers.
    • Play faster groups at the start to set the required speed of play
    • Gaps between groups must be kept to a minimum. Keep up to the group ahead.
  6. At all times heed the instructions of the course Marshals who are there to make your round enjoyable.

Management: Kedron Dells Golf Course Ltd. – Oshawa, Ontario