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    Kedron Dells Golf Tournament Menu 2019

Golf Tournament Menu 2019



1.   Coffee & Donuts
      *Set up with registration. Hot coffeee and assorted donuts
2.   Egg McMuffin Sandwich "TO GO"
*Fried egg, ham, cheese on an English muffin, wrapped "to go"

Breakfast Buffets
Served up until 30 minutes prior to tee time until 11:30am Served with coffee, tea and juice
3.   Continental Breakfast
      *Fresh Fruit * Assorted bagels, pastries & muffins *Fresh assorted fruit preserves, cream cheese & whipped butter
4.   Hole in One Breakfast     
*Fresh Fruit *Bagels, pastries & muffins *Preserves, cream cheese & whipped butter *Yogurt Bar -plain & vanilla yogurt with fruit toppings & granola on the side
      *Scrambled eggs *Bacon & Sausage *Homefries

Tickets will be handed out at registration by tournament organizers. (Tickets provided by KDGC)
1.   Burger/Sausage Lunch
      *Choice of Hamburger or Sausage and a bag of kettle chips
      *Available 1 hour prior to tee time and throughout the day
2.   Doc Brown Boxed Lunch
*Served with a bag of kettle chips, apple, cookie & bottle of water
      *Your choice of ONE of the following Sandwiches: Smoked turkey, provolone cheese, pesto mayo, fire grilled peppers, tomato, lettuce on a soft ciabatta roll OR Smoked ham & bacon, cheddar cheese, dijon mayo, tomato, lettuce on a soft ciabatta roll
Boxed Lunches will be placed on carts prior to tee time
Drink Additions to Boxed Lunch Options Only

Add Canned pop/$1.00 per person
Add Domestic Beer Ticket/$5.00 per person

Patio Buffets (Lunch or Dinner)

Please indicate if your lunch or dinner will be BEFORE or AFTER your tournament.
Tickets will be handed out at registration by tournament organizers for buffett meals.
1.   Patio BBQ Ballpark Buffet
    *Grilled hamburgers & sausage with condiments
      *Crudites & dip, Caesar salad, Potato salad & fresh baked cookies
2.   Patio BBQ Party Buffet
  * Choice of 1:  Pulled pork on a bun, BBQ chicken breast on a bun, Sausage (2) with peppers & onions 
      * Crudites & dip, Caesar salad, Potato salad & fresh baked cookies
3.   Patio BBQ Party Buffet (Ribs)
      * 1/2 Rack of BBQ Ribs
      * Crudites & dip, Caesar salad, Potato salad, Jalapeno cheese corn bread & fresh baked cookies

Doc Browns Restaurant/Patio

      *All Meals will be plated table service.

Banquet Hall

      *All meals with be plated table service.
      *Includes: table linens, dishes, cutlery, and glassware.
      * All Entrees include: Dinner rolls, garden salad, seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes
1.   BBQ 1/4 Leg Chicken Dinner
2.   Chicken Parmesan
      *Served with dinner rolls, garden salad, fettuccine marinara, garlic toast
3.   Roasted Pork Loin
4.   Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding
5.   8 oz Strip Loin Steak
6.   BBQ 1/4 Leg Chicken & BBQ Ribs
7.   Roast Beef & Grilled Chicken
8.   8 oz Beef Tenderloin
Dessert Options (Choice of One)
      *Apple Crisp and ice cream
      *Cherry Cheese Cake
      *Platter of assorted cookies
      *Caesar Salad at an additional charge
      *Baked Potato at an additional charge

On the course UPGRADES
       *KDGC staff will be located on one or more holes to give golfers additional service during their round.
       *Price is per person, minimum 25 people
       *KDGC will assign station to appropriate holes
       *Additional beer, pop, water and snacks available at golfer's expense

 1.   Pulled Pork Sliders
       *Slow smoked pork shoulder, BBQ sauce served on a slider bun with slaw!
2.   Popcorn Station
      *Build your own popcorn bag! Assorted seasonings and candies to top your popcorn!
3.   Texas Chili
*A Hearty bowl of Texas Chili served with sour cream and sourdough bread.
4.   Craft Beer Sampler Station & Kettle Chips
      *Sample from our local Craft beer producers with Kettle chips
5.   Kedron Caesar Bar
      *Have a bartender mix up this classic cocktail on the course!