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Kedron Dells opened for play in June 1974. The late Dr. B. A. Brown, family and associates developed the course entirely from inception in the fall of 1972 and the Browns continue to operate and manage the course to current date.

The guiding principle in development was to provide a quality championship course at affordable cost to the public golfer. Built on 155 acres on the Oshawa Creek valley and uplands and now situated in the geographic centre of Oshawa, promise has become reality. Always maintained in excellent condition, the course has matured remarkably. You will be delighted by its many faces; long demanding fours and five's, delicate and treacherous creek valley holes, compact doglegs and large undulating greens.The scenic beauty of the property is surpassed only by the excellence of the golf course. As of current date, KDGC is recognized as one of the best value courses in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Philip Brown

    Philip Brown


    Phil has continued on the family tradition and is now the current Owner/Operator and General Manager at KDGC. He is the Grand-Nephew of Dr. Bryce Brown. Phil was born in Cornwall, Ontario and raised there on the family dairy farm. He came to KDGC in 1998, starting as the Assistant General Manager. From a "hands on" approach, Phil has learned all facets of operations, from lawn maintenance, administration duties, proshop, to restaurant service. He achieved his post-secondary education at North Michigan University while on a hockey scholarship, obtaining a degree in Business Management. Prior to Kedron Dells, Phil was a Real estate broker from 91-97 and maintained his broker's license until 2010.

  • Dr. Bryce A. Brown

    Dr. Bryce A. Brown

    Founder [1893 – 1989]

    In the early 1820.'s, Dr. Bryce A Brown's ancestors arrived from Scotland and settled a farm in Stormont county near present day Cornwall Ontario. This farm remains to this day (2008) in the Brown family and it was here that Dr. Brown was born on October 04, 1893. He attended schools in Cornwall and graduated from McGill University Montreal in 1918. After one year internship at Ottawa Civic Hospital in Ottawa, he opened his office in Oshawa, a population of 12,000, on November 11, 1919 at 207 Simcoe St. South. Initially house calls were made on foot or by a hired local livery service where the cost could exceed the charge for the medical service. After a few months of practice, by necessity, he purchased a used Chevrolet Cabriolet — a challenge with the many unpaved roads and the unpredictable performance of the early cars.

    Dr. Brown married Laura Regina Huck in 1924, a R.N. graduate from the Oshawa General Hospital's three year nursing program in 1921 who became the first nurse in the Oshawa Public School system. With the medical office in their home, she was a vital part of the medical team that served the community for many years.

    Together they had two sons, Bryce Jr. and Robert. In the ten years of the great depression (1929-1939) upwards of twenty percent of the work force was unable to find work. Dr. Brown served the community regardless of the ability to pay for service. While some patients were destitute, others made contra payments by performing handyman work or with produce from farm or market gardens — the country was in survival mode.

    During his exceptional medical career spanning six decades Dr. Brown was past-President of the Ontario County Medical Association, past chief of staff at the Oshawa General Hospital and very involved in his community. He was a ten year Member of the Board of Education from 1929-1939, Chairman in 1936. During the second world war he was an Alderman 1940-2. He was also a 50 year member and president (1937) of Oshawa Kiwanis Club and a long standing member of the local Masons.

    After Laura's death in 1957, Dr. Brown and his sons, Bryce and Robert created and developed Grandview Golf Club (1959-1972) and Kedron Dells Golf Club — 1972 to current date. In both companies, Dr. Brown served as President and made essential contributions to the success of both. In 1977 Dr. Brown was a proud recipient of the Glenn Sawyer Award which is awarded to Ontario Medical Association members who have rendered significant service to their profession and community primarily at the local level.

  • Bryce Brown Jr

    Bryce Brown Jr

    Founder [1928-1998]

    Had "hands on" participation from the building, operation of Grandview, the closing of Grandview and the construction on KDGC in 1972. The General Manager of KDGC until 1982.

  • Robert Brown

    Robert Brown

    Founder [1929-2009]

    He took part in all the phases of construction and development of KDGC. In 1987 he assumed the position of General Manager.

As an important amenity to our community, we welcome our loyal customers into our 'home', and we cherish the time they spend with us. Kedron Dells golf facility is dedicated to provide a quality golf course and banquet hall facility at affordable cost.

To meet this commitment we will Strive to meet the principles of CANI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement). Be ever mindful of following the Golden Rule in all facets of our business and personal relationships.

Operate the course as stewards of the environment, always using methods and principles that protect our 155 acres of green space. 


Vision Statement

To create a sense of family with our staff, to deliver exceptional experiences for our guests and to
continually improve our products and services while celebrating our valued history.

Kedron Dells Core Values

Kedron Dells is committed to providing a quality, friendly golf course, respectful of the environment and available to the golfing community at large at affordable cost.
At Kedron we act, promote and live the belief that we are welcoming guests into our home! In that regard we promote the following family values;


Doing the right thing for all involved everyday


Providing the highest quality in all we do for guests and staff


Being a model citizen inside the Club and in the community


To guests, employees and our family tradition